The Naked Forager

Wild Food Love

My story


Wild crafting and wild harvesting are words you might come across here and in other places. For me, it simply means that I collect ingredients that are growing in the wild, rather than farming them. I'm careful to harvest in a sustainable way and respect the environment I'm in.

Wild also means less packaging, less air miles and less pesticides. 


I blend wild ingredients with intentionally grown ones to create new products and taste combinations. Each product is seasonal and unique-no two will be exactly the same, and that's one of the things I love the most about them!


My love of nature and deep respect for the natural world are what have driven me to start this business. It began as a child, hearing stories from my grandfather about how he would pick wild strawberries on the way to school. He would send us out to pick redcurrants and blackberries to make jam, but we'd eat half of them before they ever reached the pot! Somehow, just the simple act of picking berries in the sunshine gave me a feeling of being self sufficient, of connecting with the natural world and of being a little more wild. That love of nature grew as I grew, and my aim is to share a little bit of it with you.


Didn't we all pick blackberries as children? Or jump in muddy puddles?

My mission is to spread that unadulterated joy of being wild, coupled with a deep respect for the natural world, forging a way ahead for responsible harvesting and food self sufficiency.