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About The Naked Forager

Keeping it local, keeping it natural.  

That's what I try to do.  It's not always possible, but I do my best.  I have a tiny small holding where I grow garlic, create beautiful black garlic and experiment with various sea salts and teas.  I also share this space with my partner, two children, a cat, two dogs and 14 hens.  For updates on what's being planted, made and sold have a look at Naked Forager Facebook or Instagram.



A well as growing things like garlic, I also forage for wild ingredients.  Pepper Dulse, Bilberries, Wild Violets and Jelly Ear fungus are some of my favorites, but I'm an opportunist and won't often walk past an edible plant without having a sneaky nibble!

Wild crafting and wild harvesting are words you might come across here and in other places. For me, it simply means that I collect ingredients that are growing in the wild, rather than farming them. Of course, I also grow things too.  I'm careful to harvest in a sustainable way and respect the environment I'm in.

Wild also means less packaging, less air miles and less pesticides.

I like to blend wild ingredients with intentionally grown ones to create unique, one of a kind products. Click here for Wild gift ideas on my brand new website:

Wild Shop



Each product is seasonal and unique-no two will be exactly the same, and that's one of the things I love the most about them!

I grow food that is carefully selected and suited to an Irish climate, so I am working with the environment, not against it.  I shun the use of pesticides and instead rely on ladybirds, and crops that don't need them!  

Intensive farming might yield better results in the short term, but I'm more about slow food, in every sense of the word!  Ironically it is a dream of mine to open a vegan fast food truck one day.

I've always loved food and I'm lucky enough to have a mum that taught me to cook.  I think I inherited her slightly chaotic work habits though!

As well as providing unique products that I post to your door, I also offer vegan cookery experiences and cater for events. Feel free to contact me on social media or via email if you're interested in this.

The link below takes you to my new website which has all the info you will need:

Naked Forager Food



My love of nature and deep respect for the natural world are what have driven me to start this business. It began as a child, hearing stories from my grandfather about how he would pick wild strawberries on the way to school. He would send us out to pick redcurrants and blackberries to make jam, but we'd eat half of them before they ever reached the pot! Somehow, just the simple act of picking berries in the sunshine gave me a feeling of being self sufficient, of connecting with the natural world and of being a little more wild. That love of nature grew as I grew, and my aim is to share a little bit of it with you.

"For welly wearing foraging walks, just get in touch!"

Click on the link below to visit my new site and contact me about foraging experiences