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Black Ga​​rlic

The magical transformation

What is Black Garlic?

Black garlic is nothing like regular garlic.  It is squidgy, soft, sweet and black in colour.  

It is made by taking "normal garlic" (allium sativum) and aging it in a temperature and humidity controlled environment for several weeks.

This causes the fresh garlic to be transformed in terms of colour and texture into a black, chewy, jewel which can be described as "jelly like" or "sweet".  

It is this jelly like jewel that has been enjoyed in South Korea, Japan and Thailand for centuries and is now loved by chefs all over the globe.

What's so special about it?

Apart from the deep,mellow taste,  the gummy bear texture and the enticing sweet smell?

Quite a lot it would seem.

The reaction that causes garlic to transfrom so magically is called the Maillard reaction, and chefs will be familiar with this, as comes into play a lot with cooking. With black garlic, however, things are a bit more interesting. The aging process decreases the levels of allicin (which is responsible for fresh garlic's whiffy odour) and enhances the bioactivity of fresh garlic.

The changes in physicochemical properties may be responsible for the reported antioxidation, antiallergic, antidiabetes, antiinflammation and anticarcinogenic effects of black garlic.

For more information on the studies that have been conducted, see the overview here

Looking for Recipes?

If you're after recipes then cast your eye over this gorgeous Black Garlic parpadelle which can easily be made vegan by swapping butter for Vegan block or a similar vegan "butter"

Want to chuck something together that will be as easy as it is spectacular?

How about a black garlic cheeseboard? Or a simple pate made by blizting the cloves in a food processor with extra virgin olive oil and a sprinkling of sea salt?

Or leave the cloves whole and mix with cherry tomatoes, basil and warm plant based feta cheese for a simple salad that is colorful and explosive on the taste buds.

Why buy West Clare Black Garlic from The Naked Forager?

  I use my own garlic grown here in Kilkee.  This way I can guarantee that I will always have fresh garlic to transform into the black jewels that are so unique and sought after.  The fresh garlic is aged here on the Loop Head peninsula and sent to you in minimal packaging to be as earth friendly as possible.  

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smiling woman holding black garlic towards camera

It's garlic...

But not as we know it

black garlic

A perfect gift for those adventurous foodies and aspiring chefs, or a stunning addition to any cheese platter or dish. Maintains its deep colour throughout cooking and imparts a mellow umami sweetness to any dish.

Product sold by the bulb (each bulb contains several cloves) .

I grow my own garlic in West Clare and also use locally sourced garlic from a trusted local Irish supplier.

I use minimal packaging and avoid plastic where I can, to be as earth friendly as possible.

All Naked Forager products are 100% Vegan Friendly

Buy Naked Forager Black Garlic, made in West Clare

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